Jefferson Student Government/Leaders of the Associated Student Body (ASB)

Posted by Martine Kelsch on 7/26/2018 2:00:00 PM

The Associated Student Body serves Jefferson High School by providing a voice to the student body.  They meet to address the opinions and needs of the JHS student body. ASB oversees the expenditures of student funds, fundraisers, supports campus clubs, athletics and events and sponsorsoring many school-wide programs and events.

JHS ASB's main goal is to create a community where all students feel accepted and appreciated. We want to create the opportunity for every student to have a memorable high school experience.
mission:  “We, the Associated Student Body, actively represent the opinions of the student body as true as possible. We accept the responsibility to be a service to the students and staff of Jefferson High School. We dedicate ourselves to promote the ideals of the democratic process, school spirit, and campus unity. We promote the involvement of students and staff in extracurricular activities; academic, athletic and artistic recognition; and school-wide traditions. We hold true to the values of community service, integrity and diversity to better represent the student body."
Vision: Jefferson High School's ASB wants to encourage the diverse student body to participate in all activities, teams, and clubs on campus while also cultivating academic success. We aim to create a community where students are engaged in taking pride within their school and our community.
There are over 50 ASB members:
5 Executive Board Officers elected by the student body
12 Class Officers elected by the student body
15 + Appointed Commisioners that are appointed by the Executive Board

Are you interested in becoming a leader on campus?? We are looking for dedicated and passionate students who want to make a difference at JHS and the community. This is a place to make life long friends and learn about communication, working with others, planning events and activities, community service and how to unify people from many unique and wonderful backgrounds and cultures!!! Check out our instagram to see all the events we are involved in!!

Requirements to join Student Government:
  • Zero period, 5 credit, class that meets every day at 7:00am!! This is a mandatory class for all officers and commissioners.
  • complete application (online- March for following school year and August for incoming 9th graders)
  • Interview with ASB officers
See Ms. Kelsch in B112 if you are interested or talk to your elected class officers or appointed commissioners :)

Questions/Concerns?? Email anytime- Thanks for your support!
Martine Kelsch/Deleon
Director of Student Activities


ASB Executive Officers 20.21

**Contact ASB officers anytime with ideas or thoughts or suggestions:
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