Email Signature Template

You may use one of these templates to add a email signature to your outlook email.

  1. Start on the File Tab
  2. Click the File tab on the ribbon at the top of the Outlook screen.
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Options in the left panel.
  5. Click Signatures
  6. Go to the Mail category in the left panel and click the Signatures button.
  7. Select New Signature
  8. Click New under Select signature to edit.
  9. Name the Signature - Enter a name for the new signature in the field provided. If you create signatures for different accounts — for work, personal life, family, or clients — name them accordingly. You can specify different default signatures for accounts and pick the signature for each message from a menu.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Add Signature Contents -Type the text for your signature under Edit signature. It can include your contact information, social networks, a link, a quote or any other information you want to share.
  12. Click OK.
Email_Signature_template.docx, 64.9 KB; (Last Modified on November 27, 2018)