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Get the latest info on opportunities from the Community Service Google Classroom:  hvvro3i


★!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!★  Community Service during COVID

In recognition of the fact that COVID has had an enormous impact on students’ ability to earn community service hours, and the fact that no one anticipated COVID and therefore it was not possible to plan in advance for the reduced community service opportunities now available, we are temporarily reducing Oceana’s community service requirement as follows:

  • Class of 2024: 8+8+18+25 = 59 hours
  • Class of 2025: 8+18+25+25 = 76 hours
  • Class of 2026: 18+25+25+25 = 93 hours
  • Class of 2027: 25+25+25+25 = 100 hours

Silver cords will be awarded for 250 hours.

If you have questions, please contact Mr. Weiss at

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Community Service Policies

Community Service Resources:

Links to sites that provide information about community service opportunities.

ItsYourDistrict is a site that allows you to search for community service opportunities in San Francisco. 

The Bay Area Volunteer Information Center has a "search by interest" option as well as being able to search by geographic area (Peninsula/North Bay/etc.)

San Francisco Bay Area Volunteer Information Center lists lots of volunteer opportunities. 

The Volunteer Center has a list of opportunities, called the Reach Out Guide, specifically for young people. You can alsosearch their database of volunteer opportunities using criteria like location, age, days of week, and others.