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TN Asian Club Statement on Crimes Targeting the Asian Communithy

We have all witnessed the increasing incidents of violence and harassment towards Asian communities within the past few weeks in the Bay Area and throughout the country. Although xenophobic actions have always occurred, increasing incidences have been observed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We condemn the acts of violence committed against the Asian community in the country. Prejudice is not acceptable nor will it ever be acceptable. We will not let the few who perpetuate racism instill fear and divide our community. Hate against some of us harms all of us. We must come together to put an end to these debilitating actions and create an environment that is accepting of all backgrounds. If you are a witness or a victim of an act of violence please call 9-11 and reach out to your school or local counselor for support.

Use #stopasianhate and report your story to and