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Return to School Update

July 10, 2020

Dear JUHSD families and students,

As I write this update, I hope that your, your family and your friends are healthy.  Our current context of COVID-19, inequality and racism are a lot to shoulder and process, and we are officially in fire season.  I want you to know that the Board and I care about you.  We carefully research and think deeply about all of our decisions related to the health and safety of students, families and staff.

This communication contains a lot of general information—you will likely have many questions. Our team needs time for planning the details.  Please be patient as we maneuver through all of the challenges.  Our health and the health of those around us continue to depend on our hygiene practices.  Please continue the following:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Wear a face covering whenever you leave your home
  • Physically distance
  • Avoid gatherings/crowds

With much respect and affection, Dr. D

1. Student Schedules

On July 6, the Board adopted our Return to School plan that includes the following components related to student schedules:

  1. JHS Hybrid Plan (In school and at home learning): Students will study three of their six subjects for the first nine weeks and the remaining three subjects for the second nine weeks.  Students will be broken up into 3 cohorts of students to reduce the number of student on campus at any one time.  Students will attend school one day per week and work remotely the remaining four days.
  2. OHS, TNHS and WHS Hybrid Plan: Students will study all six subjects for the entire semester.  They will be broken up into two cohorts of students to reduce the total number of student on campus as at any one time.  Students will attend school two days per week (Either M/Th or W/F) and work remotely for the remaining three days. 
  3. For THS Hybrid Plan: Students will be divided up into 4 cohorts with each cohort attending all classes one day per week.
  4. Parents will have the option of putting their children in a 100% distance learning program for first semester.
  5. Adult Education will operate in 100% distance learning.
  6. Independent Study will be arranged by our teacher.
  7. Adult Transition and Therapeutic Day School: This is still to be determined by the Director of Special Education, her team and affected staff.

 2. Return to School Staging

 Student health and safety is my top priority.  While the Board has approved schedules for student learning, I intend to implement a gradual staging as outlined below.  Think of this plan like an accordion.  As data improves, we will advance in the staging.  If the data worsens, we will go backwards on the staging. San Mateo County and California leaders leave it up to each district to determine this process.  My decisions will be rooted in data.

Stage 0:     All students will participate in 100% distance learning, and most staff will continue to work remotely.

Stage 1:     All students will participate in 100% distance learning, and staff will return to work.

We will start the school year on August 10 in 100% distance learning. 

I expect Stages 0 and 1 to last no fewer than six weeks.

Stage 2:     Bring back selected student groups onto campuses.
Stage 3:     To be determined.
Stage 4:     To be determined.
Stage 5:     Implement full hybrid schedules.
Stage 6:     Resume normal school operations.

Other than my note on stages 0 and 1, I cannot predict when or how long we will be in any stage.  The data will inform me.

3. Parent Selection of Student’s Instruction Program

While we believe the hybrid model of learning (both in school and at home learning) is a better option for most students, we will offer a semester-long, 100% distance learning schedule for those parents who want it for their children.  One parent/caregiver from each family should complete the survey below to indicate preference:

4. Student/Family Update Webinar

I will provide a Return to School update with more details on Thursday, July 30 at 5:00 p.m. in English and 6:00 p.m. in Spanish.  Look for additional communications with more detailed information, including webinar registration information. 

5. Principal Communication

Please watch your email for communication about the return to school from your principal.