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At Home Learning Update

Dear JUHSD students and families,

On April 22, 2020, I sent a communication regarding the districtwide plan for assigning final grades.  Since then many students have been emailing their teachers and me with this common question: “Do I have to do any more school work if I’m satisfied with the grade I had prior to At Home Learning?”  Some parents are also asking for clarity.

While I understand that some of our students find it difficult to participate during scheduled AHL hours for family reasons, we have provided considerable flexibility in the amount of work expected and how it is to be completed.  Teachers are also making videos and posting content in Google Classroom for students who cannot participate in real-time instruction during the day.

All students should participate in AHL through the last day of the school year to the extent that they can.  I have provided two important reasons below:

  1. Engaging daily with peers and teachers through AHL promotes social-emotional wellness. We created a routine for students based on research related to mental health.
  2. All students should learn as much as they can, either to be prepared for JUHSD classes next year or to be ready for post-secondary learning and jobs.

Please support my request to the extent that you can.

With respect and gratitude,

Dr. D.

Terry A. Deloria

Previous Information

Last Days of AHL Instruction for 2019-20 Please note the dates for last day of school:

Seniors:                       May 15, 2020 (AP teachers may adjust to meet with testing calendar.)

Grades 9—11:             May 22

AHL Grading Policy

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JUHSD Student Assistance Program: Request Assistance  If you would like to request assistance to help with food, medication, utilities, etc., please click on one of the links below. With your permission, a JUHSD employee will reach out to you confidentially.

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JUHSD Student Assistance Program:  Donations  If you are interested in donating to this program you can go to this Go Fund Me link.  Checks and/or gift cards can also be sent to:

JUHSD Student Assistance Program
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699 Serramonte Blvd. Suite 100
Daly City, CA 94015

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