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Superintendent Update April 22

Dear JUHSD Students and Families,

This morning, I had the chance to catch up with a real person: a JUHSD teacher!  I cannot tell you how much I miss being in schools with students and teachers, so I totally enjoyed the connection.  My hope is that you each have others to connect with every day.  Please, protect your health and well-being—we have a while to go.

With gratitude,

Dr. D.

New Information

Last Days of AHL Instruction for 2019-20 Please note the dates for last day of school

Seniors:                       May 15, 2020

Grades 9—11:             May 22

AP teachers may adjust based on the testing calendar.

AHL Grading Policy  Staff took considerable time creating an emergency grading policy that holds students harmless because of our COVID-19 emergency response plan.  Notice that no one will be issued a grade lower than what a student had as of March 13.

Reading for Hope This project teams local poet laureates with the San Mateo County Libraries to record poems written by community members, including students. Students can submit original poems no longer than 30 lines here. Each participating poet will choose from among the submissions.

Second Harvest Food Bank Volunteer Opportunities Second Harvest, Reyna Meafua and Pacific Islanders Together (P.I.T.) organize food distributions for families in need on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11-1 at Jefferson High School.  For those of you interested in supporting Second Harvest getting boxes of fresh produce, meat and dry goods to our community members in need, please refer to this link for volunteer sign ups.  (Unfortunately, students may not participate.)  You can also make donations.


  1. Look at the dates on the spreadsheet’s bottom tabs.
  2. Find a date and job responsibility.  Then fill in your information.
  3. Our preference is for people to work a full 5 hours shift.
  4. We especially need bilingual volunteers.
  5. We do not recommend that people 65 or older OR people with chronic health conditions volunteer.
  6. Volunteers who show signs of illness will be sent home.  Check yourself:  If you have a fever or cough, stay home.
  7. If you own a face mask or scarf, please wear it when you volunteer as it helps leverage our resources.   We have masks for those who do not have a mask or scarf.
  8. Upon arrival, please report directly to Ruth Poialii.

If you do not see an available slot, check back as we will be adding additional days.

Previous Information

JUHSD Student Assistance Program: Request Assistance  If you would like to request assistance to help with food, medication, utilities, etc., please click on one of the links below. With your permission, a JUHSD employee will reach out to you confidentially.

English            Spanish           Tagalog           Arabic             Portuguese

JUHSD Student Assistance Program:  Donations  If you are interested in donating to this program you can go to this Go Fund Me link.  Checks and/or gift cards can also be sent to:

JUHSD Student Assistance Program c/o Ann Radoc
699 Serramonte Blvd. Suite 100
Daly City, CA 94015

Previous Information

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