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Update from JUHSD Superintendent April 20

April 20, 2020

Dear JUHSD Students and Families,

Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time. The current crisis has placed tremendous pressure on all of us as our daily lives essentially transformed overnight. Our primary goals are to make sure you and your family remain safe during this global pandemic and to ensure students remain engaged and connected through our At Home Learning program.

With much appreciation,

Dr. D.

Terry A. Deloria

New Information

JUHSD Student Assistance Program During this COVID-19 crisis, we know many families are having a hard time meeting basic needs, such as obtaining food, medication, pet food/supplies, feminine products, and infant needs or paying utility bills.  Our staff and community have come together to raise funds and awareness for these purposes.

The JUHSD staff wants to help to the extent that our resources allow.  If you need assistance, please consider filling out this confidential form. (You only need to fill this out ONE TIME, even though many teachers might post this in their Google classrooms.)  Someone will contact you, with your permission, within a week. Thank you and be safe.

Back to School Planning  Governor Newsom and other state and county officials have shared that schools should be planning for a bifurcated system (next year) until we build enough community immunity to COVID-19.  This means that our schools must be able to toggle seamlessly between “at school” and “at home” learning as the emergency response requires.  When it comes to “at school” learning, staff will have to reconfigure classrooms, lunch and other school activities to minimize group size and respond to other social-distancing and health protocols as directed by the county health officer or the state of California.

While I do not have answers today on how school will look next fall, I can share that I will be bringing together a diverse “Back to School” committee.  They will be charged with developing an equity-focused model for bifurcated services that follows the health directives and provides for the unique characteristics of each of our schools.

Graduation for Class of 2020 Thank you for the feedback you have provided related to graduation options for our current class of seniors.  I am also listening to information provided by Governor Newsom and our county health officer.  I am delaying the decision on graduation format(s) until May 15 so that I have the most current information available.  In the meantime, look for communication from your school related to graduation preparations.

Senior Email Accounts  Since school staff  and seniors will likely need to be able to communicate with each other beyond June 2020,  seniors’ school email accounts will remain active until June 2021.

End of Year Check Out for Students Please look for principal communications for how students, including seniors, will “check out” for this school year.

Summer School Staff is planning for summer school to be provided remotely through our At Home Learning program.  Look for communication soon.

Food Assistance One in ten families in our county receive food (produce, meat, dry goods) from the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Second Harvest serves our community at Jefferson High School on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.   The food is safe, and our volunteers follow social distancing and other required health protocols. 

Other Resources Check out other resources at and click on General Resources.

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