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At-Home Learning Extended to May 1

Dear JUHSD Families and Students,

As I write today’s communication, I am thinking about all of you.  Our JUHSD family is nearly 500 employees strong, and they are fully committed to serving every student and family.  The Board and I are grateful for your patience and flexibility as we navigate through week two of modified school operations and at-home learning.  Above all, stay healthy.

New Information

“Shelter In Place” Order The County Health Officer, Dr. Morrow, has extended the “shelter in place” order through May 1, 2020 to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible.  This means we will continue with our At Home Learning (AHL) with some modifications:

  • The AHL purpose will move from review and/or enrichment to first time teaching on a small set of essential skills needed for the next course.
  • A small amount of assessment will be included.
  • Course alike teachers will revise and agree on a common grading policy and issue grades of A, B, C or Pass.  All students will move forward.
  • Next week, teachers and counselors will reduce daily contact time with students to two hours per day to provide staff with sufficient collaboration and planning time.
  • You will receive additional information by the end of the week.
  • Continue to check your emails at least twice per day.
  • Students who need work printed can email the principal and pick up printed copies in the main office between 9 and 1.
  • Students who need to submit hard copies of work can deliver to the school’s main office and office staff will scan to the teacher. Students can also use their phone to take a picture of the work and send to teachers.

Previous Information

Please be sure to keep yourself and your family safe by honoring the order from the San Mateo Health Department to stay home and practice social distancing. This means no playdates, parties, sleepovers, or visits from families or friends to each other's houses or apartments. Remember, if you or a family member is sick, please call your doctor immediately.


Dr. Terry A. Deloria (Dr. D.)