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At Home Learning: Your Input is Requested

To our JUHSD families and students,

I hope everyone had a chance to rest, stay healthy and have fun over the weekend.  The vast majority of our community are following state, county and district directives related to the COVID-19 emergency. That means most of us understand that our actions affect others.  What we do either protects or harms the health of others.   Thank you for following all health orders.

Please read this memo completely as there is new information.

Progress Report Update Students will receive the grade they had on record as of March 13, 2020 for the second progress report. Students can use the AHL assignments to improve grades. Students who do not complete the AHL assignments through April 3 will not be penalized.

At Home Learning (AHL) AHL continues today.  Parents/caregivers should be checking in on their children to ensure they are accessing information from their teachers.  Students should be checking their emails to follow up on information from their teachers.  At-Home Learning Assignments are posted on each school’s website under “School News” and at the links below. Click on the Department to view the course assignments for each class. Note that all assignments are the same for each course regardless of the teacher.  


Tracking/Reporting of Students Who Are NOT Responding to Teachers Teachers will be reporting the names of students who have responded to their emails or who are not participating in assigned schoolwork.  We are working on a plan for direct voice contact between teachers, counselors and administrators with families on this topic. I expect to have more information later this week.


Lag in Student Internet Access Some students who are trying to access free Internet service are experiencing a two-week lag.  I have shared this information with staff.

Food for Students and Families For information on how students can pick up meals AND for information on how families can access food-support, please visit

All of the JUHSD staff care about students and their families.  If you need help, please reach out.  Remember, if you or a family member is sick, please call your doctor immediately.


Dr. Terry A. Deloria (Dr. D.)