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Congratulations to Westmoor High School 12th grader Kaylie Quon for winning the 2023 Daly City Youth of the Year Award! 

Kaylie an exemplar of everything a Westmoor, and District student should strive to be: dedicated, hard-working, and wholehearted. During the school day, she captains the girls’ volleyball team, while also serving as a senior leader on the girls’ basketball team. She’s also a top student in the classroom, with many of her teachers complimenting her work ethic and dedication to academic success. Outside of school, she has volunteered with Family House to serve and visit families and community members that suffer from sickness, while also working with Operation Santa Claus to provide gifts for needy families during the holiday season. Additionally, Kaylie has been a long-time practitioner of Chinese dance, and performs regularly in the local community.

Westmoor High School and JUHSD are very proud of you, Kaylie!