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Shadowing and Student Tours

The best way to experience Oceana, Jefferson High, Terra Nova, and Westmoor is to visit our schools.  Prospective students and families interested in visiting can participate in a tour or shadowing experience. 

Prospective students are paired with a JUHSD student ambassador. The 8th prospective student "shadows" the ambassador(s) by accompanying him/her to classes and activities. We encourage you to take this unique opportunity to participate in classes, socialize with students, interact with our faculty and enjoy all that we have to offer.

Shadowing and Tour Dates

• Tours are done Wednesdays
• Contact Adam Weiss at 650-550-7371

Terra Nova
• Schedule a Tiger Ambassador Tour!
• Register online now


• Tours will be held on November 21 and December 10.
• To register, visit Westmoor website:

● Contact Parent Liaison Marina Ramirez at 650-550-7783