Student clubs allow students to pursue, explore and share interests with other like-minded

  • Learn about our student driven clubs.

    How do students join a club?

    Students can join a club by signing up at club day at the beginning of the school year or simply showing up to a meeting.

    Can you join at any time during the school year?

    All clubs are open to all students year round. This allows students join, change or participate in multiple clubs that meet on the same days. For example, if the Mock Trail Club and the Weightlfting Club meets every Tuesday, one week a student will attend one and the next week they will attend the other.

    When do clubs meet?

    Most clubs meet weekly or biweekly during the lunch period in the advisors classroom. Some clubs, like mock trial, do have off site activities from time to time but regular meetings are always on campus.

2021-2022 TN Club List

  • Asian Club

    Adviser: Marlene Gutierrez

    President: Beyonce Gabriel /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Room M203

    Club Mission Statement: To create a safe environment for all ethnic backgrounds, especially those who were affected by the Stop Asian Hate Movement.

    Beyond the Bomb

    Adviser: Mr. Williamse

    President: Eleanor Jonas /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Room 304

    Club Mission Statement: Beyond the Bomb is committed to ending the nuclear system that threatens the most marginalized among us. 

    Body Improvement Club

    Adviser: Mr. Karkazis

    President: Rowan Bennett /

    Meeting day(s): After school

    Club Mission Statement: To provide students an opportunity to exercise with access to high quality equipment and a friendly and encouraging environment.

    Chemistry Club

    Adviser: Mr. Poling

    President: August Wilson-Thornton /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Room M201

    Club Mission Statement: To make chemistry accessible and fun.

    Chess Club

    Adviser: Tim Carothers

    President: Jack Gillen /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Ceramics Room

    Club Mission Statement: To teach people the game of chess and have every member improve in not only the game, but their reasoning, ability to predict, memory, and concentration, so they have the skills to compete against others.

    Terra Nova High School (TNHS) Cheer

    Adviser: Miss Fil

    President: Aaliyah Carbajal /

    Meeting day(s): After school every day, Cafeteria

    Club Mission Statement: To promote and uphold school spirit; to develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students and improve student morale.

    Terra Nova Dance Team

    Adviser: Miss Fil

    President: Leana Cuesta /

    Meeting day(s): After school every day, Cafeteria

    Club Mission Statement: The objective of Dance Team is to be a unique, democratic dance group of open-minded students who are happy to be actively involved in a registered student organization of common dance interest.

    Drama Club

    Adviser: Mr. Schneider

    President: Nathan Robbins /

    Meeting day(s): Thursday’s @ lunch, Drama Room

    Club Mission Statement: We aim to foster a community of Drama students which can support creativity in the student body through fun activities like improv games and theater exercises.

    Film Club

    Adviser: Schneider

    President: Maya Besedin /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Drama Room

    Club Mission Statement: To educate and get people excited about different forms of media and film!

    For the Kids Club

    Adviser: Krupp

    President: Sierra Pelleriti /

    Meeting day(s): Monday’s @ lunch, Room B326

    Club Mission Statement: Putting our best efforts forward to bring joy to children in hospitals by donating goodie bags, toys, books, and more.

    Friends Club

    Adviser: D. Martinezmoles / Michelle Daria

    President: Nicoletta Reinero /

    Meeting day(s): Monday’s @ lunch, Room BK 1A

    Club Mission Statement: We promote friendship and inclusion.

    Gamers Club

    Adviser: Mr. Napoli

    President: Emil Olsen / & Julianna Medina-Galvan /

    Meeting day(s):

    Club Mission Statement:

    Guitar Club

    Adviser: Ms. Fil

    President: Noah Friedman /

    Meeting day(s): Thursday’s @ lunch, Room A303

    Club Mission Statement: To give students a space to practice, learn, or listen to guitar and other instruments.

    GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

    Adviser: Giamaica Zeidler

    President: Ellis Bruxvoort /

    Meeting day(s):

    Club Mission Statement: We aim to create a space for LGBTQ students to find support and community.

    LatinX Club

    Adviser: Javier Sanchez

    President: Mellieha Gomez /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Room N208

    Club Mission Statement: To bring inclusivity to this school and unite students and provide a safe environment to be themselves and share their unique cultures.

    Mock Trial

    Adviser: Mrs. Jenkins

    President: Skylar Berliner / & Alex Schulz / 

    Meeting day(s): Friday’s @ lunch, Room B329

    Club Mission Statement: To foster an interest in both the law and the San Mateo County mock trial competition.

    Pacifica Environmental Alliance Club (PEAC)

    Adviser: Marlene Gutierrez

    President: Katalina Huazano / & Izzy Morrow / 

    Meeting day(s): Monday’s @ lunch, Room M203

    Club Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring the students of Terra Nova closer to nature.

    Students in Action Club (SIA)

    Adviser: Mrs. Jenkins

    President: Jenize De Borja /

    Meeting day(s): Tuesday’s @ lunch, Room B329

    Club Mission Statement: Students in Action (SIA) is a unique youth service, leadership and recognition program that supports, trains, and empowers today’s youth to be leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and impactful global citizens.

    Ski & Snowboard Club

    Adviser: J. Vilchez

    President: Stephanie Beckler /

    Meeting day(s): Monday’s @ lunch

    Club Mission Statement: Our mission is to create a fun and exciting environment for anyone who knows how to ski or snowboard or anyone who wants to learn how to ski/snowboard. We will donate and fundraise for those who need warm snow clothes. We will learn about new mountains, terrains, and runs.

    Tiger News Network

    Adviser: Mr. Karkazis

    President: Xiaolan Bisson-Yang /

    Meeting day(s):

    Club Mission Statement: To learn about and create videos presenting information about Terra Nova.

    Women’s Advocacy Club

    Adviser: Ms. Meskin

    President: Alana Heusser /

    Meeting day(s): Thursday’s @ lunch, Room B325

    Club Mission Statement: Our organization is committed to providing support, empowerment, and education to women at Terra Nova high school. Women’s Advocacy Club strives to create an inclusive environment and work towards a campus and society in which all women, including the most marginalized among us - Black women, Latinx women, Indigenous women, poor women, immigrant women, Muslim and Jewish women, Asian and Pacific Islander women, Lesbian, Bi and Trans women - are treated with respect and dignity. We believe that in order to create safe and healthy environments, women must be given a seat at all tables where decisions are being made. We intend to foster and support sustainable change dedicated to providing more than just life for all women, both globally and locally. Our goal is to create a culture on campus that values and respects the voice of women at Terra Nova. In addition, we intend to utilize our privilege and collective power to dedicate our time to the causes, including providing feminine hygiene products and fundraising initiatives that help members of our school and local community and seek to understand the plight of and offer support to women at a national and global scale. We vow to uncover the ways in which our liberation is bound in one another’s. All are welcome to join our cause.