Student clubs allow students to pursue, explore and share interests with other like-minded

  • Learn about our student driven clubs.

    How do students join a club?

    Students can join a club by signing up at club day at the beginning of the school year or simply showing up to a meeting.

    Can you join at any time during the school year?

    All clubs are open to all students year round. This allows students join, change or participate in multiple clubs that meet on the same days. For example, if the Mock Trail Club and the Weightlfting Club meets every Tuesday, one week a student will attend one and the next week they will attend the other.

    When do clubs meet?

    Most clubs meet weekly or biweekly during the lunch period in the advisors classroom. Some clubs, like mock trial, do have off site activities from time to time but regular meetings are always on campus.

Terra Nova Club List

  • Club Name Mission When/Where President Advisor
    Anime Club To create a shared sense of community among those interested in the anime medium at Terra Nova by presenting enjoyable shows and discussion. Thursdays @ Lunch in Room 315 Aiden Burk Mr. Vilchez
    Asian Club To inform people about Asian culture and educate about certain aspects of it like food and more. Tuesdays @ Lunch in Room M203 Jenson Ho Ms. Gutierrez
    Change the World Club To educate and promote change in our world by starting with ourselves and how we can make the world a better place. They will educate others on current issues in our town, surrounding cities, and school. They will collectively create ideas and host fundraisers/collect donations to help aid our community. Fridays @ Lunch in Room M201 Katie Rodiguez Mr. Poling
    Chemistry Club To introduce students to chemistry laboratory experiments and introduce them to a particular aspect of the STEM field. Their objective is to give students laboratory experience and teach them about what is actually going on in the experiments we perform, giving them both the fun of performing the experiments and enriching knowledge on why matter behaves that way. Thursdays @ Lunch in Room M201 Tiana Cole and Nina Young Mr. Poling
    Clash Of Clans Club A community of young clashers united in the common interest of pure clashing, while helping out the community in the process. Tuesdays @ Lunch in Room M201 Matthew Nuris Mr. Poling
    Drama Club To bring the most fun out of drama and get people hooked on the rush of performing. They will be working scenes from plays and improvisation performances. You can be anything you like in this club! Every other Thursday @ Lunch in the Drama Room Olivia Cabral Mr. Schneider
    Economics Club To gather people who are interested in the business/economic fields, inform each other about the economy, and share their ideas on the subject at large. Mondays @ Lunch in Room 326 Zach Zavodnik Mr. Krupp
    Film Club Exists so that Terra Nova students can learn more about the deeper meaning behind various films and explore a new realm of the arts. Fridays @ Lunch in the Drama Room Alana Demartini Mr. Schneider
    Gamer Club To provide a friendly environment for students to play games in a variety of different genres. Every Day @ Lunch in Room N206 Caleb Feldman Mr. Napoli
    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club To band Terra Nova students together and create a welcoming environment for members of LGBT communities and their allies. Thursdays @ Lunch in the Band Room Eli Compin Mrs. Zeidler
    Guitar Club Provides a space for students to learn guitar from their peers and to have fun playing guitar and other string instruments. Thursdays @ Lunch in Room 303 Vincent Garcia Ms. Fil
    Interact Club To empower young people by doing projects, fundraisers, food banks, etc. Interact helps our community as well as others. Tuesdays @ Lunch in Room 303 Tori Boldt and Becca Wilson Ms. Fil
    Latin Club To unify all latin and non-latins interested in fun activities. Thursdays @ Lunch in Room N208 Irma Haro Mr. Sanchez
    Students In Action (SIA) Club To inspire and promote volunteerism, recognize unsung heroes, and create better and stronger leaders. Thursdays @ Lunch in Room 329 Sara Ababseh Mrs. Jenkins
    Surf Rider Foundation Club To raise awareness of the importance of keeping the environment healthy by keeping beaches especially clean and free of harmful plastic. They’ll be encouraging members and allies to take on environmentally friendly lifestyles. They will be working with the Surf Rider Foundation, organizing monthly beach and campus clean ups. Fridays @ Lunch in Room 303 Lauren Devry and Lauren Dew Ms. Fil
    Tiger News Network (TNN) Club To bring light to current events and news happening within our school. To share our brodcast with students, staff, parents, and the Pacifica community as a whole and showcase how amazing Terra Nova is. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays @ Lunch and After School in Room A319 Hyacinth Sandagata Mrs. Karkazis
    Tigers Go Green (TGG) Club This club will work to implement new programs in order to create a more environmentally friendly campus for all students and staff. Throughout the school year they want to install new recycling and composting systems for all classrooms to use. They also aim to educate the entire student body about the environment and create a cleaner campus for all students. Tuesdays @ Lunch in Room A304 Kate Ryder Mr. Willemse
    Women's Advocacy Club To promote women’s equality and empowerment on and off campus. Everyone is welcome, even if you're not female. Tuesdays @ Lunch in Room 325 Isabelle Friedman and Maile Harris Mrs. Meskin