Student clubs allow students to pursue, explore and share interests with other like-minded

  • Learn about our student driven clubs.

    How do students join a club?

    Students can join a club by signing up at club day at the beginning of the school year or simply showing up to a meeting.

    Can you join at any time during the school year?

    All clubs are open to all students year round. This allows students join, change or participate in multiple clubs that meet on the same days. For example, if the Mock Trail Club and the Weightlfting Club meets every Tuesday, one week a student will attend one and the next week they will attend the other.

    When do clubs meet?

    Most clubs meet weekly or biweekly during the lunch period in the advisors classroom. Some clubs, like mock trial, do have off site activities from time to time but regular meetings are always on campus.

Terra Nova Club List

  • Club Name What We Are All About When & Where We Meet Student Club President Faculty Advisor
    Anime Club To create a shared sense of community among those interested in the anime medium at Terra Nova by presenting enjoyable shows and discussion. Tuesday @ Lunch, Room 303 Aidan Burk

    Ms. McBride

    Asian Club Asian Club welcomes everyone who is interested in the various cultures that comprise Asia. We strive to create  a positive and inclusive community  that promotes and increases awareness of the  history, culture, and contributions of the many countries in Asia and foster communication and unity not only among Asians but also the people who are interested in the richness and diversity of cultures  that make up Asia.  We organize lessons , potlucks, food fairs, field trips, community service projects, and other social events open to all members of the Terra Nova community that enables everyone to have a taste of different Asian cultures. Tuesday @ Lunch, Room M203 Ashley Figueroa-Gwee Ms. Gutierrez
    Bible Club Bible Club exists so that people who are curious about the Bible can form their own opinions regarding it, and understand why people in our society refer to it. Our hope is that our club will be a place for people to feel loved and accepted at all stages of life. Thursday @ Lunch
    Room 303
    Erika Wilkins Ms. McBride
    Clash of Clans Club The Clash of Clans Clubs is a community of young clashers united in the common interest of pure clashing, while helping out the community in the process. Tuesday @ Lunch
    Room M201
    Matthew Nuris Mr. Poling
    Gamer's Club The goal of the Gamer Club is to provide a place where interested students can play games and hold tournaments.  Weekdays @ Lunch
    Room N206
    Christian Ochoa Mr. Napoli
    Gender and Sexuality Alliance Our mission is for Terra Nova’s GSA club to let LGBT+ students be aware that there is a safe place for them to express themselves and really feel empowered and understood. Tuesday @ Lunch
    Band Room
    Eli Compin Ms. Zeidler

    Mock Trial             (Speech & Debate)

    Participates in County Wide competition with other schools. Each year a new trial is received from the state Mock Trial Organization and every school forms a Prosecution and Defense team that competes with the teams from other schools.  A great experience for any student looking to pursue a career in the legal field and great for self confidence.   Friday @ Lunch
    Room 329
    Sara Ababseh, Juliana Wullenjohn & Maxwell Bennet Alyssa Jenkins
    Students in Action (SIA)  To inspire and promote volunteerism, recognize unsung heroes, and create better and strong leaders. Thursday @ Lunch
    Room 329
    Sara Ababseh Alyssa Jenkins
    Thirst Project  To raise funds for the development of wells in Swaziland and build a socially-conscious student body at Terra Nova who help end the water crisis.  Monday @ Lunch
    Room 326
    Andrew Stibor Mr. Krupp
    Weightlifting Club Promote a healthy lifestyle and introduce youth to the sport of weightlifting. Monday/Thursday After school in the Weight Room Edward Ruiz Mr. Karkasis
    Womans Advocacy Club The Women’s Advocacy Club seeks to promote women’s equality, on and off campus. Tuesday @ Lunch, Room 325 Isabelle Friedman &  Maile Harris Ms. Meskin