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    • Returning students should contact the Jefferson Adult School office at (650) 550-7890


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More Information About GED

  • The GED® test is made up of 4 subjects, broken into separate exams.
    (Subjects: Reasoning through language arts, Mathematical reasoning, social studies and science).
    • Learn more about the Test Subjects by visiting the GED® website by clicking HERE.
    Price Per Subject$35.00. The total cost for all 4 subject tests is $140.00. $15 fee for each retest.
    You don’t have to take all 4 tests at once and can space them out however you choose.


    • Your GED® test
    • Same day scoring
    • A personalized score report
    • 2 free retakes per subject*
    • Transcript and diploma

    *Nominal test center fees may still apply.

    Can I take the GED® Test in other languages? Am I allowed to combine languages to credential?

    Yes, in California you can test in English or Spanish and you can combine tests from different languages to earn your credential.

    What is the difference between the GED and a High school diploma?
    What is the GED for International Students?
    What to Expect on the GED Test Day
    What is the GED Language Art Essay and how do I pass?


    GED Records

    2013 to present GED transcripts can be requested by visiting www.ged.com.

    GED Transcripts for testing completed before 2013:

    Please contact the California Department of Education High School Equivalency Department located in Sacramento California.  Records of completed tests are available in the form of a transcript (must have passed all 5 exams). Candidates may request a transcript using this link:

     Request a copy of your GED® Transcript or Certificate

    Completed before 1990? check this list of California cities. If the city where you took the test is not listed, you must contact the testing center where you took the test to receive your GED documents.

    Main High School Equivalency line:  916-445-9438

    Main email address:  HSEOffice@cde.ca.gov