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    The best way to contact staff is by email but feel free to contact our main office at 650-550-7300 during school hours to speak to someone directly.

    Teacher Name

    Email Address

    Classes Taught 2023-2024

    Leah Anderson

    Math Course 1, Spanish 3, Instructional Coach

    Dan Arzaga

    Humanities 9, Humanities 10, Instructional Coach

    Bhawandeep Bains

    School Psychologist

    Joana Bundoc

    Special Education

    Lillian Bussell

    Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Tutorial

    Liberty Cajayon


    John Carlo Chan

    Certificate Program

    Mayen Chinn

    School Counselor

    9th-11th: last names A-Li

    Graham Cruickshank

    Visual Art, Theater Art

    Mac DeVore

    Physical Education 9, Yearbook

    Osvaldo Diaz

    Spanish 2, Spanish 4/AP

    Eric Duca

    Math Course 2, Math Course 3, AP Calculus

    Daniel Hagen

    AP US History 11, EL Support, Food & Nutrition 

    Natalie Harper

    Speech and Language Pathologist

    Coreen Hartig

    AP English Language 12 (website), Humanitites 11 website,  Senior Exhibition Coordinator (Sr Ex Website)

    Jeannette Herbert

    Wellness Counselor

    Laura Hodder

    Chemistry, AP Chemistry

    Laurie Hughes

    Food & Nutrition Class Website

    Daniel Johnston

    Math Course 2, Tutorial, PE 10-12, Athletics Director

    Chris Korp

    Humanities 9, Humanities 10, ASB Director

    Holden Lai

    Physical Education 9, Health

    Shou Leung

    Humanities 11, Humanities 12

    Andrey Levin

    Physics, Exploring Computer Science

    Tony Marelich

    Math Course 3, Statistics

    Peter Menard

    Physics in the Universe 9, Biology 10, Tutorial

    Dakota Millwee

    Humanities 11, AP Literature 11

    Saloni Mittal

    Math Course 1, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

    Michal Nozik

    Vice Principal

    Paul Orth

    Physics in the Universe 9, Physiology  

    Alyssa Owyang

    School Counselor 

    9th-11th: last names Li-Z

    12th: all students

    Erin Peters

    Humanities 12, AP Government 12

    Leigh Poehler

    Humanities 9, Humanities 10, Tutorial

    Corazon Quinay

    Certificate Program

    Alyssa Ravenwood

    Film Analysis, Psychology, AP Psychology 

    Ryan Reidy

    Biology 10, Environmental Science

    David Roberts

    Humanities 9, AP English Literature 11

    Robert Rock

    Humanities 10, Health

    Jannah Schwab

    Humanities 12, AP Psychology

    Jennifer Shuen

    Vice Principal

    Maritza Torres


    Rebecca Uhrenholt


    Adam Weiss

    Librarian, Senior Seminar, Community Service Coodinator, Webmaster



    Selected Staff

    Marie Agra Principal's Secretary
    Helene (Haji) Ausiello Receptionist
    Elsa Roberts Account Clerk/Cashier
    Criss Galea Registrar
    Nancy Murphy Library Aide
    Jesse Sherwin Attendance