• Jefferson Adult Education offers various workforce training classes. To participate in these classes, students need to be enrolled at Jefferson Adult Education. For more information call: 650-550-7890 or REGISTER HERE - Fall classes will be online. Once you fill out the registration form, a staff member will contact you. 

    Office Assistant Course:

    Prepare for a job as an office assistant. Nearly all career areas need office assistants who have good computer, communication, and workforce skills. This course has two sections. Students can take one or both sections. 

    • Computer Skills for Employment as an Office Assistant:  
      • This is a computer skills course geared towards English Language Learners which covers: Basic computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows, Email, the internet and Google Drive (docs, sheets and slides). At the end of the course, students will be able to able to take the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment and receive a certificate. 
    • Commincation and Workforce Skills:  
      • Communcation and development of work relationships
      • Critical thinking and problem solving
      • Workforce (Soft) skills


    Career Services/Workforce Skills:

    • Are you looking for a new career or finishing your GED/HSD or Advanced ESL?  Get help with finding the right career for you, wrting a resume, learning interview skills and applying for jobs. We are here to help you.  Through self-discovery activities, interest surveys and career assessments, students will identify their personality type, skills and work values. Students will then research careers, reflect on solutions to barriers to success and define and clarify career goals to make an informed plan. They also learn effective interview and resume writing skills. 


    Office Technology

    • Strong computer skills are essential to getting a job or a promotion. This is an instructor led course that covers basic computer skills, Windows 10, Internet, and Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Power Point, and Excel) in order to prepare students for the Microsoft Certification exam. Students will also be introduced to Google Drive (docs/sheets/slides).  




    • QuickBooks is a small business accounting software program businesses use to manage sales and expenses and keep track of daily transactions. You can use it to invoice customers, pay bills, generate reports for planning, tax filing, and more.

      People who use it:

    • Business Owners

    • Restaurant Owners

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Students who want to learn Accounting

    • Top Business Firms

    Quicken (Mint) and Turbo Tax: Learn how to manage your finances and how to file your own taxes!


    Online Career Training 

    • These courses are online.  There are several courses to choose from and many include a practicum component. Boost your career opportunites!  Students must register with Jefferson Adult Education and attend an orienation with our Career Services Instructor. Call: 650-550-7890 for more information.