World Languages Department

  • Welcome to the World Languages Department,

    Our passion and commitment to sharing cultural awareness extends beyond teaching grammar and vocabulary. At Terra Nova, we believe that learning another language creates a globally aware person who is accepting, understanding, and appreciative of diverse and rich world cultures. 

    2 years of the same language are required to become A-G eligible and 3 or more years are recommended for UC/CSU admissions.  We are proud to offer the following courses to help students achieve their requirements for graduation and beyond.

    Spanish I  - Students learn to express themselves on a wide range of topics dealing with everyday situations. The four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are stressed throughout the instruction as well as cultural understanding. Most language production at this level is in the present tense and near future.

    Spanish II - Use of new vocabulary is combined with the ability of the students to express themselves in the present and the past. Students will develop several abilities, performing a variety of language functions, and learn a new set of cultures through exposure to authentic language.

    Spanish III- The first two years of language study is consolidated and expanded with new vocabulary and grammatical structures. The subjunctive tense is introduced. Literature appropriate for the level is introduced. There is an emphasis on both discussion and written skills.

    Spanish IV / Spanish AP Language and Culture – The most advanced level deals with more complex linguistic structure accompanied by in-depth readings and discussion.  

    John Reafleng
    World Languages Department Chair
    Spanish 1, 2, 3 & 4
    Jorge Vilchez
    Spanish 1; Spanish 2