Social Science Department

  • Welcome to the Social Science Department,

    We support a rigorous, meaningful curriculum that deepens students’ analytical skills, cultivates historical curiosity, and promotes informed citizenship. The Social Science courses include Geography, World and AP European History, AP and US History, AP and American Government, Economics, AP Psychology, Psychology and Sociology. Students in our program develop the following skills:

    • reading like a historian by interpreting primary and secondary sources
    • analytical writing and critical thinking
    • research and media literacy

    We strive to develop life-long learners who are engaged in understanding and appreciating the human story and in becoming effective, active citizens in our complex global world.

    Alec Butler

    AP United States History, World History - Culture & Geography, Economics

    Educational Coach


    Chris Cullen

    World Geography, Drivers Education 

    Athletic Director


    Tom Fendyan


    Courtney Fil

    World Geography, PE 10


    Sean Karkazis

    AP European History, United States History


    Jonathan Krupp

    American Government, Economics, Peer Assistance

    Interact Club Advisor, Mock Trial Advisor


    Brenda McBride

    World History Culture & Geography, United States History, Economics


    Erick Willemse

    AP US History, US History, Psychology, Class of 2017 Advisor