Professional Counseling 

    Psychological counseling and drug & alcohol counseling from community resources.

    Ms. Karla Talkoff, Special Services Counselor

    Girls Group

    @ Thornton High School
    Ms. Talkoff-discussing various topics pertaining to young women

    Duration-12 weekly meetings

    Work Experience Program

    Students must obtain a job after school ends daily and average 15-20 hours per week.
    Students will :
    - complete a weekly log sheet of hours, 
    - obtain a work permit, 
    - have his/her employer fill out an evaluation sheet 
    - complete assigned book work by Ms. Talkoff.

    Duration-entire semester-10 elective credits

    ROP (Regional Occupational Program)

    @ various locations in San Mateo County

    Duration-entire semester-10 credits

    Community Service

    - Students must complete at least 75 hours of community service to earn 10 elective credits
    - Students must get their volunteer location approved by Ms. Talkoff
    - Students must complete log sheet and evaluation of Community Service experience

    For questions related to Elective Credits Options, see Ms. Talkoff for more information.