JUHSD Staff Resources and More

Human Resources & Labor

  • Classified Summer Assistance Program
  • Same Day Field Trip Request Form
  • Request for Overnight Trip (more than 90 miles)
  • Change of Employee Information
  • Evaluat’d
  • Human Resources Website
  • Frontline Absence Management
  • Access Employee Self Serve (Payroll)
  • Employee Forms & Benefits
  • Optum Employee Assistance Program (Access Code SMCSIG)
  • PD Request Form / Expense Voucher Form
  • AFT Local 1481 Information
  • Labor Contracts

Educational Services

  • Community Resiliency Model Presentation
  • Community Resiliency Model Toolkit
  • Scope and Sequence Links
  • Instructional Materials Request Form
  • Grade Change Form
  • PD Request Form / Expense Voucher Form
  • Educational Services Distance Learning Site
  • Apex Learning
  • PAPER: Free Online Tutoring for Students
  • HMH: The Living Earth Textbook Access
  • MyNGconnect (EDGE)

IT and Technical Support

  • Approved Student Data Privacy App Agreements
  • Clever
  • Helpdesk
  • Copy content from your school account to another account
  • Information & Technology Home
  • JUHSD Gmail
  • SSRPM Self Service Reset Password Management
  • Staff Synergy

Superintendent Staff Update

  • View Superintendent Presta's Staff Updates HERE

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