Outdoor Education


    Oceana students are scheduled for Outdoor Education for one week with San Mateo County of Education, which is during Interim Week. Students are highly encouraged to attend Outdoor Education during interim week. However, sometimes, students find opportunities for Outdoor Education outside of Oceana’s scheduled week. Students who would like to participate in Outdoor Education outside of interim week must do the following:


    1. Check in with Ms. Nozik before starting any paperwork

    2. Receive signed permission form from all teachers. This needs to be uploaded to San Mateo County Office of Education application

      1. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work and schedule meetings with their teachers to make up assignments

    3. Submit all paperwork from the San Mateo County Office of Education at least two weeks before the trip’s scheduled departure date


    Parents/guardians should confirm with the Attendance Office their student’s participation in the Outdoor Education week and the expected dates of their student’s absences. Parents/guardians should be aware that missing a week of school will affect the student's grades.


    Administration may take individual student behavior or grades, collective impacts on individual classes or grades, and school-wide impact into consideration when approving or denying applications.


    Permission Slips: Students must have both teacher and guardian approval before being cleared to participate in Outdoor Education as a volunteer leader.

    Field Trip Date Ranges:  Field trips will not be approved during any testing period (CELDT, CAASPP, AP, PSAT, Exams) and during weeks with major deadlines for projects/assignments.