• Current Clubs meeting at Oceana!

    Club Name


    Day/Time of Meeting


    Volleyball promotes having fun while simultaneously building community.

    Time/Date: Every other Tuesday during Flex Time

    Location: Gym


    Students will learn about stocks, how they work, where to invest, and what kinds of benefits there is to investing.

    Time/Date: Every first and last friday of the month during lunch

    Location: Mr. Rock’s room 

    Ocean Conservation

    The Oceana Ocean Conservation club is committed to promoting environmental sustainability, finding creative ways to protect our ocean and our campus, and having fun!  You can earn community service hours.  We host beach/campus cleanups, cigarette butt walks, and other fun community activities.  


    Every other Tuesday Flextime

    (First meeting- Sept. 13th, Second- Sept. 22nd and every other week after that.)

    Location: Room 204

    Art Club

    In Art Club, practicing artists can sharpen their skills, develop their portfolios and techniques, collaborate with other artists who share their interests, forge connections with the community through the arts, and collaborate on group projects that will enhance the school and community.

    Time/Date: Every Thursday at Flextime

    Location: Mr. Cruickshank’s room: room 118

    Future Medical Professionals

    Future Medical Professionals aims to expose individuals to the vast realm of medicine, nurturing their interests in furthering their exploration of the medical field in the present and future.  All participants will expand their knowledge and simultaneously have fun through meeting with experts, learning vital procedures, and engaging in hands-on activities.

    Time/Date: Mondays during flextime (Tentative)

    Location: Room 203

    Red Cross 

    Throughout the year Oceana’s Red Cross club will work closely with the Red Cross to hold humanitarian fundraisers, lead mission-related activities, and host blood drives in our community. 

    Time/Date: Every other Tuesday during lunch. 

    Location: Ms. Anderson’s room

    Social Justice Book Club 

    The Social Justice Book Club is a place for students to read books and educate themselves on different social justice issues such as sexism, racism, or homophobia and collectively discuss what they’ve learned in a safe and inclusive environment. Students can analyze literature, discuss themes, and share opinions about books they’ve read.

    Time/Date: Every other Thursday during Flextime

    Location: Mr. Roberts’ room

    Creative Writing

    It’s an open space to write poems, improve our writing skills and support each other’s writing growth. We are hoping to explore many different aspects of literature bringing in poetry from Europe and other parts of the world. Our club is also interested to try out some song writing and gain some experience with music. 

    Time/Date: Tuesdays after school from 3:10pm to 4:00pm.

    Location: Room 213

    Prom Committee

    The Prom Committee consists of only juniors and seniors. We plan our upcoming prom and everything that comes with it. With 2 different committees, we cover decor + theme and different fundraising ideas for Prom. 

    Time/Date: Every Thursday during Lunch 

    Location: Mrs. Ravenwood’s room 


    The Wrestlng Club is one that focuses on community building and exercise through introduction to the sport. We do drills, play games, and other group activities, all which rely on building trust between students.

    Time/Date: Every Tuesday/Thursday from 3:00 - 4:30.

    Location: Mat Room

    Political Club

    We are a non- partisan political club that aims to promote political involvement. We organize voter registration initiatives and engage in other non-partisan political activities. You can also get community service hours for this. We emphasize the importance of political engagement so that we can enact political change as individuals, in any way that we see necessary. 

    Time/Date: Monday after school or Tuesday flextime 

    Location: Mr. Rock’s room (Room 205)

    Drama Club

    We are a club focused on the theatrical arts. We learn/teach acting and vocal skills. We put on mini plays during lunch some weeks. We also put on musicals twice a year. 

    Time/Date: Monday every week, alternating times, either at lunch or at FlexTime

    Location: Little Theater

    Computer Science

    We are a club for two groups of people: those who are familiar with computer science and wish to interact with, teach, and learn from peers; and those who are not as experienced, but wish to learn. To further this, we will develop projects and hold lessons.

    Time/Date: Alternates weeks between after school Friday and flex time Thursday

    Location: Room 108

    Newspaper/ The Oceana

    A student run organization. We publish monthly on a website. Later this year, we’re moving to print. You can write about any articles you want. As long as it’s approved

    Time/Date: Thursday lunch 

    Location: 307 Hagen

    Badminton Club

    Badminton club focuses on recreational badminton and gives students an opportunity to have fun playing the sport, and to improve their skills without the need for a competitive mindset. 

    Time/Date: Every other Thursday during lunch

    Location: Gym

    Garden Club 

    A Club where students have an opportunity to work in the Oceana Garden (near the Student Parking Lot) to have fun, learn about the Oceana Garden and earn community service hours!


    Every Thursday After school from 3:15-4:30


    Oceana Garden (Near Student Parking Lot

    Black Latinx Student Union

    BLSU is a dynamic, inclusive community that passionately advocates for diversity. We celebrate and raise awareness about various issues impacting a mix of cultures and races, inspiring everyone involved.


    Instagram: blsu_de_ohs


    Time/Date: Every Thursday during Flex Time 

    Location: 108 (Marelich)