• The Certificate Program at OHS

    Oceana High School’s Certificate Program has been designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities which require Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and specialized classes. This program provides students with a combination of academics, social and independent living skills training, as well as Physical Education (PE). The program goals encourage students to become independent, self-directed learners, who can advocate for themselves in the greater community. The Oceana community welcomes students in the certificate program to participate fully in the high school experience. Students are encouraged to take part in campus activities including rallies, clubs, popcorn sales, gardening and after school sports. Students also participate in Interim week, Friday Advisory, Special Olympics, and an annual prom. Please note that students participating in this program receive a Certificate of Completion, rather than a high school diploma.



    The academic focus of the Certificate Program at Oceana is to support students academically in three leveled classes. Students are assessed and classes are assigned based on skill level. Students rotate to different classrooms for Advisory, Language Arts/Social Studies, Math/Science, Vocational Education, and other elective classes. The core classes, (Language Arts/Social Studies and Math/Science), are taught by three teachers simultaneously. Vocational Education and elective classes provide support with acquisition of life skills, including work skills and independent living skills. All 9th and 10th grade students are required to take P.E. as their elective. Additional elective and core academic inclusion opportunities are available for students, as well, after the required two years of PE credit have been obtained, or as a substitute for the student’s Certificate Program science class. This option may be discussed by the IEP team at an IEP team meeting. This program is also supported by an occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist who provide push-in support, as well as small group and individual pull-out support.                

    The Vocational Education class creates opportunities for the students to better understand their community and explore possible employment opportunities. This class is an integral part of the Certificate Program. The Vocational Education class focuses on establishing social and independent living skills, such as hygiene, cooking, relationship building, community navigation and job interviewing skills. The Vocational Education class focuses on a range of topics including:

    -          Money management

    -          Cooking and nutrition

    -          Self-help/ advocacy

    -          Personal self-care

    -          Job preparation

    -          Social communication

    -          Social problem solving

    -          Self-control/emotion management

    -          Behavioral regulation

    -          Community navigation


    Additional Information                                                                                                                            

    The Certificate Program at Oceana High School has been designed to benefit students by small class size, close supervision by teachers and classroom aides, and opportunities to interact in a safe and supportive environment In addition to these specialized classes, seeking well supported inclusion opportunities that provide access to the general education environment are at the core of the Certificate Program’s mission. At the end of the high school experience, students receive a Certificate of Completion and some may continue their education through the District’s Adult Transition Program for students ages 18-22.