• Common Questions about the Superintendent Transition

    Is Dr. Deloria leaving immediately?
    Dr. Deloria will retire on November 30th. 

    What does this mean for the current district’s response to  COVID-19?
    The Return to School Plan adopted by the Board of Education on July 6, 2020 will continue as outlined. You can view details of the plan here

    Why is Ms. Presta the best fit for the role?
    Ms. Presta has extensive experience including serving as superintendent for eight years in one of our partner districts. She is part of the community and already knows the district. Ms. Presta’s appointment will make for a seamless transition, especially during COVID-19. She has a good working relationship with Dr. Deloria, which makes the transition easier. 

    When will Ms. Presta become superintendent?
    Ms. Presta will take over on December 1st.