• As a site-based managed school, Oceana has a system of shared leadership where faculty, staff, students, and parents participate in major academic and policy decisions. This is mainly done through our Academic Council (an expanded version of which serves as out School Site Council.

     The Academic Council meets weekly to oversee the academic program, make major policy decisions, allocate site-based funds, advise on hiring and staffing, and more. Membership consits of the Principal, five teachers, a classified employee, two students, and a parent. Except for the principal, AC members are elected by their respective constituencies.

    The current members are:

    • April Holland
    • Jannah Schwab
    • Marie Agra
    • Madeline Hur
    • Charlotte Allen
    • Daniel Hagen
    • Alyssa Ravenwood
    • Ashley Killian
    • Lillian Bussell (facilitator)
    • Eric Duca

    Meetings are held Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:15 PM. Anyone is welcome to attend, but only AC members can vote.

  • Want to provide feedback on an upcoming agenda item? Use this form here! It's important that Academic Council represents our entire community.