• Project Play

  • "I learned there is no reason to be ashamed of my sexuality and there are ways to protect myself from pregnancy and STI's."

    -Nicolle, Sex Ed Squad Member

  • Project PLAY (Peer Leadership Alternatives for Youth) is a reproductive health and pregnancy prevention education program, currently implemented in the JUHSD high schools. Our Health Educators and Peer Health Educators provide a ten day, comprehensive sex education workshop in all of the health classes within the Jefferson Union High School District.

    Peer Leadership

    Health Education

    The Daly City Youth Health Center’s teen pregnancy prevention program (Peer Leadership Alternatives for Youth) Project PLAY was created in 1996 to provide young people with comprehensive, flexible and innovative strategies which promote healthy, educated and responsible choices regarding pregnancy and parenting. Project PLAY Health Educators provide a ten series, comprehensive sex education in all of health classes of the Jefferson Union High School District, to help youth personalize information and emphasize avoidance of unprotected sex and the implementation of abstinence. The curriculum is a proven strategy in changing adolescent risk-taking behavior.

    Sex Ed Squad


    DCYHC Health Educators train high school students at the five local high schools to be Peer Health Educators. These Peer Health Educators form a Sex Ed Squad. Sex Ed Squad’s mission is to attain a mastery of reproductive health sufficient to pass knowledge on to their peers in an accurate, non-judgmental, and compassionate manner. Sex Ed Squad members must also lead by example and make informed, well-thought out and prepared decisions surrounding their own health. The youth peer program utilizes several pedagogical modalities in its training of Squad members, including lecture formats, interactive activities, personal experience focused conversations, team-building, media, and learning games.

    Sex Ed Squad members get to:

    • Talk about sex and sexuality every week after school with an awesome group of people.
    • Learn all the right information, so they can pass it on to their friends.
    • Teach about Condoms and STIs in freshman health classes.
    • Participate in fun stuff like Sex Ed Bootcamps.
    • Learn more about their bodies and become more responsible when it comes to being safe.


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