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    "It's helpful to have someone other than my parents to talk to."

    -Behavioral Health Client


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  • Counseling Staff

    Counseling is a safe place where you can talk to someone and work out any problems, stressors, or issues you might be having. Because everyone experiences hard times that can affect their lives or the lives of those around them, DCYHC counselors are there to help you to feel comfortable, safe and understood. In a counseling session you can talk about whatever you need to talk about, however you want to talk about it, and our counselors are here to support and listen to you.

    The DCYHC Behavioral Health Counseling Services Department provides individual, family, couples, and group counseling to an average of 70 youth a month at DCYHC and several JUHSD high schools. Most of our youth are dealing with bullying, reproductive health issues, stress, anxiety, abuse, substance use, truancy, depression, family and relationship conflicts. Often times the youth will come in with their parents or partners to work out their conflicts. Our comprehensive system allows for our clinic’s primary health care providers to seamlessly refer patients to our onsite counselors.

    Some Examples of counseling topics:

    • feeling sad or hopeless
    • feeling anxious
    • feeling depressed
    • feeling isolated
    • feeling suicidal
    • acting disruptive or rebellious
    • can’t control anger
    • getting into fights
    • having difficulty focusing
    • getting involved with drugs and/or alcohol
    • not eating or sleeping normally
    • not getting along with family, friends, partner or classmates
    • having poor school grades
    • skipping school a lot
    • being sexually active
    • being pregnant
    • being forced to have sex
    • witnessing violence
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