• Dear Parents,

    We live in uncertain times. No one knows what will happen in a month, a week, even a day from now.

    Your child will be spending a lot of time separated from their friends and school community. On top of the social isolation, they will also be trying to juggle online classes and an unpredictable end-of-year calendar.

    Now it’s more important than ever to find strength from within, to take care of ourselves not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

    We are going to get through this together. The health and well-being of your children are of utmost important to us which is why we’ve successfully partnered with Atlas. Developed by graduates from Stanford University and Convent and Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco, Atlas is a stress management mobile app specifically designed to support high school students.

    The app offers podcasts and a guided journaling experience that guides students through school stress, time management, relationships and friendships, sleep and emotional hygiene. The app is currently releasing content that helps students adjust to life in the age of coronavirus.

    We care about our students. This app is another tool to make sure we take care of ourselves, to stay connected in a time of social distancing, to find joy in solitude and strength in community.

    Viruses are contagious. But so are love, happiness and kindness too. Invite your children to download the application. Feel free to download the app as well. We will get through this together.


    Melissa Ambrose

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