At Home Learning Plan

  • March 27, 2020

    As noted in Dr. Deloria’s communication on 3-25, at home learning will be extended until at least May 1st. As our current at home learning plans only take students up to Spring break, we will need to extend our plans to keep students learning remotely. 

    We are asking that course alike groups at each school site come together to plan a skills-based unit for the remainder of the school year. With so much uncertainty right now, it will be easier to have a plan that goes to the end of the school year just in case. 

    • Course teams* will determine the main skills that are the most important for students to cover from the remainder of the course content. 
    • Course teams do not have to teach all the same content, but they should make sure to cover the same skills. 
    • Course teams must also determine a formative assessment and summative assessment that can differ in content but will assess the same skills. 
    • Teachers can individually plan weekly activities that take students a maximum of two hours to complete each week. Teachers have the option of exploring online teaching models, see more here
    • Teachers can determine and set their own due dates and determine grading of assignments under the A, B, C, and pass guidelines. A “NM (No Mark)” grade may be awarded under certain parameters that are yet to be discussed and finalized. A grade of NM will need principal’s approval.

    Teachers will have time to collaborate with their course teams to determine common skills and their formative and summative assessments. Teachers should reach out to their course alike colleagues and sign up for a time to collaborate here. During this time teachers will fill out a planning template to be submitted to their site leadership and post in Google Classroom.

    Teachers will also have the option of providing extension activities to students who are finishing work quickly and would like additional opportunities for practice or deepening their knowledge. These assignments should have no bearing on their overall course grade. 

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    *Some courses, such as AP and SPED courses, will be following different guidelines.

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