Principal's Message

  • barbour Welcome to Oceana, a small, public, college prep high school. After a very busy and successful year, I am now entering my third year as principal. The path that led me to this position began in 1998 when I was hired by Oceana as a teacher after receiving my degree in mathematics from U.C. Santa Cruz and a teaching credential from San Francisco State. During my 10 years in the classroom I was elected to, and became the chair of, the Academic Council. I enjoyed being a part of the larger decision making body of Oceana and in 2008 transitioned into administration to become the Vice Principal of Guidance. During this time all schools began transitioning to new state standards which led to my dual role as VPG and common core math coordinator for our district. This experience gave me the chance to work with and support all JUHSD math teachers in designing and implementing an integrated common core aligned math curriculum. 

    Now in my 20th year at Oceana I am able to combine my classroom, administrative, and district level experience to help guide Oceana’s program through the largest educational transition since No Child Left Behind was enacted in 2001. Fortunately I also have a dedicated and dynamic staff to make this transition with. 

    As we continue to transition to Common Core State Standards, it's apparent that Oceana High School's signature practices are well aligned philosophically and pedagogically to the new standards. That alignment is most notable in the Oceana Schoolwide Outcomes. Our outcomes culminate in the Senior Exhibition, which focus on a high level of student achievement. Along with new standards we continue to make programmatic changes in the classroom to support this work, including standards based grading, Co-teaching and restorative justice practices.

    Thank you for taking the time to look into our program, please contact the school with any questions that are not addressed within the information on our website.


    Jonas Barbour 

    Key Program Features

    • A rigorous curriculum, which includes four years of humanities, 100 hours of community service, a Graduation Portfolio, and a Senior Exhibition required for graduation.
    • A strong system of personalized support for all students' academic success.
    • An educational program that teaches students - through project-based learning and authentic assessment - to use their minds well and become life-long learners.
    • A commitment to educate students about their role as citizens in a democratic society, about the Universe of Obligation, and the importance of social justice.
    • Many opportunities to learn beyond the traditional classroom through an interim week; community service; after school classes such as dance, music, and language; interscholastic athletics; and a wide variety of student-led extracurricular activities and clubs.
    • A system of shared leadership where faculty, staff, students, and parents participate in major academic and policy decisions.