•  aguilar

    Krista Aguilar

    Subjects: Language Arts Seminar, Social Communication, Stu Skills/Tut, Science Elective, Physicals Science, Intro Bio Science

    Email: kaugilar@juhsd.net


    Clare Glesson

    Subjects: Social Scince, Math, Literacy, Coordinator/TOSA, Science

    Email: cgleeosn@juhsd.net


    Victor Messer

    Subjects: Math Course 1, Pre Algebra 1, Coordinator/TOSA, Math Course 1 Bridge, Stu Skills/Tut

    Email: vmesser@juhsd.net


    Blake Patawaran

    Subjects: LA Seminar 1, Intro to English, LA Seminar 2 & 3, LA Seminar 3, Coordinator/TOSA, Stu Skills/Tut

    Email: bpatawaran@juhsd.net


    Sallie Stoner-Bennett

    Subjects: Coordinator/TOSA, US History, Intro to US History, World History

    Email: Sstone@juhsd.net