• The Vice Principals at Westmoor High School are committed to working with our students and their families.  Please consult with your grade level Vice Principal for any concerns or questions you might have.  As always, the school counselors are available to assist with your student's academic progress.  However, we do know that occasions may arise that requires an administrative response.


    9th grade Vice Principal    Mr. Worden     aworden@jeffersonunion.net    650-550-7473

    10th grade Vice Principal  Ms. Milazzo     mmilazzo@jeffersonunion.net   650-550-7475

    11th grade Vice Principal  Ms. Milazzo     mmilazzo@jeffersonunion.net   650-550-7475

    12th grade Vice Principal  Ms. Goswami  sgoswami@jeffersonunion.net   650-550-7472