Commonly known as “The Wilderness School" the curriculum offers a series of summit experiences marking the transition from youth and schooling to adulthood and community life.  The Wilderness School requires the student to select, plan, and perform challenging activities that reflect adult skills and responsibilities.  An activity is challenging to a student when it requires them to commit personal capacities, energies, and resources to limits not previously reached. 

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    Activities selected to meet the challenge areas should reflect personal choices, not assignments. They arise from the unique interests and imagination of each student.  As a personal challenge, the Wilderness School is designed to maximize individual effort and accomplishment because activities are structured around each student's particular cognitive achievements, talents, personality, interests, skills, and aspirations.

    Completion of one project in each of the challenge areas recommended here are: logical inquiry and research, creativity, volunteer service, adventure, practical skills, the world of work, and cognitive development.

    Implicit throughout the curriculum is our belief that the process is more valuable than the content.  We are not, therefore, stipulating any "required projects" and allow students and their parents to think about possible challenges within their own unique circumstances.

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    Components of the Program

    The Orientation Trip

    The Orientation Trip is designed to introduce new students to the program, to each other, and to themselves.  (Full Description)


    White Hawk Ropes Course


    The adventure ropes course is a one day (7 hour) outdoor experience conducted atop San Bruno Mountain in Daly City, California.


    Primarily designed for young people, the course offers over 30 events of physical and psychological difficulty. (Full Description)

    Serving the communities of Brisbane, Colma, Daly City, and Pacifica

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