• Course Syllabi


    Business Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Hambre, Andrew Computer Foundations
    Pham, Benjamin Accounting 1 Personal Finance
    Simon, Michael Exploring Computer Sciences Web Design Computer Foundations



    English Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Brock, Anise English 10 CP AP English Literature & Composition
    Chen, Richard English 9 CP
    Cunradi, Laura Foundations in ELD ELD 1 ELD 2 ELA 1 ELA 2
    Finnerty, Kevin Film as Literature English 12 CP
      Adv Language Dev. English 10 CP
    Magness, Bryan English 10 CP English 11 CP
    Manzano, Mandy Adv Language Dev. English 9 CP ELD 3 ELA 3 Adv Journalism
    Morton, Nathaniel English 10 CP English 12 CP ALD 1
    Oglivie, Helen English 9 CP
    Perez, Miguel Eng Lang Development 2 English 10 CP
    Ratzlaff, Charlotte ELD 3 ELA 3 English 9 CP
    Hupp, Andrew English 11 CPEnglish 11 CP English 12 CP
    Truong-Vargas, Joal English 11 CP AP Eng Language & Composition
    Ventimiglia, Jennifer Foundations in ELD ELD 2 ELA 2
    Weathers, Jeffery English 10 CP Film as Literature



    Fine Arts Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Akamine. Estelle Art 1 CP Sculpture CP
    Eulate, Graciela Draw & Painting CP Art 1 CP Art 2 CP
    Faxon, Emily Photography 1 AP Studio Art 1 CP AP Studio Art 2 CP
    Shegoian, Sharlyn Ceramics 1 CP Ceramic 2 CP
    Panagopoulos, Peter Theatre Arts 1 CP Theatre Arts 2 CP
    Stewert, Stephanie Symphonic Band CP Vocal Music 1 Vocal Music 2



    Foreign Language Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Aran, Alice Spanish 2 CP
    Conroy, Luisa Spanish 1 CP Spanish 3 CP
    Khoury, George Spanish 2 CP French 2 CP French 3 CP French 4 CP
    Mullin, Alexandra French 1 CP French 3 CP



    Home Economics Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Shreve, Denise Fabric Arts 1 CP Fabric Arts 2 CP Fashion Design 1 CP Fashion Design 2 CP



    Industrial Arts Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Dyssegard, Dave Auto Tech 1 CP Auto Tech 2 CP Advanced Auto Tech 3 CP
    Lavine, John Intro to Tech Engineering CP Wood Tech 1 CP Wood Tech Tech 2 CP



    Math Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Adams, David AP Caluclus AB Math Course 3 Bridge Math Course 3 CP
    Chiramberro, Caroline Math Course 3 Bridge Math Course 2 CP Trig-Pre-Calculus CP
    Collado, Rowena Math Course 1 CP Math Course 2 CP Math Course 3 CP
    Dela Cruz, Teresa Math Course 2 CP Math Course 3 CP Trig-Pre-Calculus CP
    Diamanti, Mark Math Course 2 Bridge
    Joe, Matthew Math Course 1 CP Math Course 2 Bridge
    Hancock, Willie Math Course 2 Bridge
    Jones, Cassie Math Course 1 CP Math Course 2 CP Math Course 2 Bridge
    Lico-Calimbas, Clarita Math Course 1 CP Math Course 2 CP Math Course 1 EL Math Course 2 EL Math Course 2 Bridge
    Messer, Victor Math Course 1 EL Math Course 2 EL
    Polo, Nicole Math Course 3 CP Math Course 1 EL Math Course 2 EL Math Course 1 Bridge EL Math Course 2 Bridge Math Course 3 Bridge
    Sandoval, Christine Math Course 3 Bridge Statistics CP Math Course 1 CP
    Speranza, Jeff Trig/Pre-Cal CP AP Statistics Math Course 3 CP



    Physical Education Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Aguilar, Remedios PE 10 PE 11-12
    Akamine, Estelle Health
    Brady, Kevin PE 10 PE 11-12 Walk for Fitness
    Matelli, Tony PE 10 PE 11-12 Athletics
    Paul, Mary Anne PE 9
    Rickman, Kim PE 9
    Raskin, Lisa Health EL Health



    Science Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Chan, Marc Intro to Physical Science AP Biology
    Gerughty, Jane Biology CP Forensics Biology CP
    Hammond, Ralph Intro to Physical Science Biology CP Biology EL CP
    Leet, Joe Chemistry CP AP Chemistry
    Nase, Bryan Biology CP Intro to Physical Science
    Nava, Donna Chemistry CP Intro to Physical Science EL Biology
    Punkar,Greg Physics CP AP Physics CP Intro to Physical Science
    Tiatia, Jessica Physiology Biology CP



    Social Science Department
    Teacher Course Taught
    Alas, Vincent World History CP American Government CP AP American Government CP
    Arzaga, Dan Psychology CP Psychology EL CP AP Psychology CP
    Hallett, Bob American Government CP American Government ELD CP US History CP
    Kevorkian, Sarmen US History CP World History CP Controversial Issues CP
    Kruger, Julie Economics CP World History CP
    McGraw, Shawn Economics CP World History CP
    Murphy, Kevin US History CP World History CP

    Nemeth, Michael
    AP European History CP World History CP
      World History CP
    Romano, Christopher US History CP
    Simon, Michael Leadership - Student Government


  • Business and Information Technology

    We here at Westmoor High School, encourages each and every student for the essential information on starting a business independently and information of each class' purpose.

    Business Department



    English Department

    Westmoor High School's vast English department, overseen by Helen Oglive, includes a variety of courses such as AP English, English Enriched, Film as Literature, English as a Second Language, as well as regular English for all grade levels. Below is a list of Westmoor's english teachers, along with their contact information, and room number. Students are expected to be enrolled in an English course for each of their four years at Westmoor High School. All English courses correlate to the California Language Arts Standards.

    English Department



    Home Economics Department

    Students are introduced to the necessary basic skills to construct clothes and handicrafts. Design and handicraft projects may include crocheting, embroidering, knitting, quilting, fabric painting, macramé, and fashion design. Students will use the sewing machine, make color sections and become familiar with fabric care specifics. 

    Home Economics Department



    Industrial Arts Department 

    Wood Technology

    Offering a variety of exploratory experiences in cabinet making, wood fishing and turning, students learn the correct and safe usage of tools, machines, materials, and processes. Emphasis is placed on good design and craftsmanship; classroom instruction includes both general and technical information while career pathways are also explored. 

    Automovative Technology

    Introduces students to the wide variety of automotive vehicles, students learn basic car construction, how to remove, repair and replace component parts. A safety unit is covered. 

    Industrial Arts Department


    Mathematics Department

    The Westmoor Math Department strives to provide students an interactive and conceptual perspective to mathematics. The math courses offered cover topics from algebra to calculus and each offers a unique learning experience that focuses on students' growth and excellence.

    Math Department



    Physical Education Department 

    PE 9th

    The ninth grade P.E. program consists of a variety of team and individual sports, including swimming. The goal and overarching philosophy focus on giving students a taste of many different activities encouraging life-long fitness and health. Activities and lessons teach students the basic skills and rules that form the basis for P.E. 10.

    PE 10th

    Students will participate in a wide variety of sports and athletic activities including football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, badminton, tennis, soccer, swimming, softball, weight training, and personal fitness. While basic skills are taught, emphasis is placed on learning more advanced techniques. The primary goal is to offer students a wide variety of activities that will raise not only their fitness level but also their respective self-images.

    PE 11th-12th

    This course is designed for students who have not completed their two year PE requirement. They will do a variety of PE activities. Skill level will depend upon the make-up of the class.

    Physical Education - Athletics

    Designed for students who participate in after-school athletics, students will participate in sport-specific activities in preparation for interscholastic sports competition. Athletic teams are open to all Westmoor High School students who meet the following criteria.

    Physical Education - Walk for Fitness

    In this course, students will gain an understanding of cardiovascular fitness through walking and conditioning. Students will be able to develop a personal walking program based on their individual needs. Students are expected to attend class with a positive attitude, be prepared, listen and follow directions and participate to the best of their ability. The 10 - 12 PE Standards will be integrated throughout the curriculum and students will also participate in team sports, combative and tumbling. The emphasis on the class will remain Walking for Fitness.

    Physical Education Department


    Science Department

    The Science Department offers a wide variety of challenging classes tailored to your child’s every need. On top of that, we offer Advanced Placement classes that will surely prepare you for college. In this page, you will find all the science courses available, including the aforementioned Advanced Placement courses, along with prerequisites for each class.

    Science Department



    Social Science Department

    Westmoor has a wonderful social science department. Offering many courses, as well as AP programs (AP European History, AP United States History, AP Economics, AP Government and AP Psychology) taught by wonderful teachers. We have more information about the courses we have and the teachers on our site. Robert Hallet is the head of the social science department .

    Social Science Department



    Visual and Performing Arts Department

    Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for all students at Westmoor for the appreciation, understanding, and practice of the arts to establish this as an integral part in our community.

    Visual and Performing Arts Department



    World Languages Department

    Lessons and units focus on the fundamentals of conversation, pronunciation, basic vocabulary, grammar, and translations. An introduction to the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French is covered. Students will also study cultural aspects of the language through tapes, films, projects and the Internet

    World Languages Department