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  • For more information, contact Mr. Truong-Vargas (Advisor)
    Email: jvargas@jeffersonunion.net
  • Meeting Times
    Wednesday @ Lunch Room 211
  • Feminsim Club
    Mission Statement:
    Feminism Club seeks to advocate, support, and educate others about the importance of feminism. The club will provide a forum to discuss feminism and gender issues, promote a better understanding overall, promote body positivity, and intersectional feminism.

    Women's March 2017
    Womens March Womens March  
    About the Club
    Feminism Club seeks to celebrate, enrich, and educate our community about the positive and progressive ideas behind gender equality. Feminism club contains a group of intelligent, kind, and open-minded people that aim to make a difference in our community through our beneficial and inclusive ideals. We strive to create an environment that offers equal opportunity regardless of sex, gender, race and sexuality. We want to educate our school and promote the importance of these issues through posters, informative discussions, and interactive presentations within our club. In addition, we will analyze historical events, and media representations, which will promote awareness of these issues. We plan to look for community service opportunities that will help our cause and spread positive influence. Our intention is to give a voice to people who have experienced oppression and make people aware of the injustice in our society. By acknowledging the importance of these problematic aspects of gender inequality within our culture, we can and will make a difference.
    How It Came To Be
    Feminism Club was started in the school year of 2015-2016. The founder, Belle Zhao, wanted to create a safe space for people to express their opinions about gender roles in our society today. Here are the names of the past officers.
    Past Officers & Advisor
    Advisor Ms. McGraw (Rm. 403)
    President Belle Zhao
    Vice President Kelly Ochoa
    Secretary Patricia Sarion
    Treasurer Lauren Gozon
    Parliamentarian Hibah Hammoudeh
    Officers & Advisor
    Advisor Mr. Truong-Vargas
    President Idallis Caraang
    Vice President Tiana Garcia
    Secretary Helen Timchenko
    Treasurer Jocelyn Alvarado
    Parliamentarian Jackie Meza
    Why You Should Join Us
    If you enjoy discussing gender equality and want to promote the importance of gender issues, you should join us to help spread influence and awareness to our community. The Feminism Club is not just for women, it's for EVERYONE! We all want to join together to create a positive, inclusive environment.
    If you have questions, please ask any officer or the advisor, Mr. Truong-Vargas, in Room 211.
    Other Information
    Here are some links that provide more information about the feminism movement: