• Eco-Hero Club

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  • When do we meet?
    We meet every Thursday at Lunch! Come join us!

  • Where do we meet?
    We meet at the Mirror Room in the P.E. Hallway!

  • Contact Information
    If you have any questions about our club, you may contact:

  • Club Information

    Eco-Hero is a club based around the idea of preserving ecology. Ecology is what defines the living things and their relations with one another, especially to their physical surroundings. Eco-Hero represents to protect the environment that is being affected by society's contribution to pollution.

    Club Activities

    Members of Eco-Hero helps preserve the environment by pledging to recycle, clean up any trash they notice, and conserving resources.

    Club Statement

    Our Club Statement is that Eco-Hero will strive to create an environmentally safe and friendly environment for all living things on this planet. We hope to educate the public on environment issues, inspire others to reach out, and to protect the planets ecosystem.

    Club Advisor

    Mr. Brady is the advisor of the club!

  • Eco-Hero Club Officers 2016-2017

    Positions Member
    Advisor Mr. Brady
    President Dominick Yu
    Vice President Cordelia Varona
    Secretary Kristie Woo
    Treasurer Peter Hosea
    Parliamentarian  -