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  • Westmoor High School Tennis Club

    Welcome to the official Westmoor High Tennis Club Page!

    Meeting Times:  Thursday at lunch;  Some Saturdays   

    Meeting Locations:

    Mr. Nemeth's room;
    Westlake Tennis Courts.

    Club Contact Information:

    Advisor: Mr. Nemeth
    (e-mail on Westmoor website);
    President: Elvin Lin;
    Vice President: Hirofumi Koichihara;
    Secretary: Brandon Lau

    Our club purpose is to give Westmoor students a healthy outlet for their energy, we feel that tennis is an excellent way to unite people, regardless of how good you are!

    What we do is meet and talk about tennis then schedule dates to meet up at Westlake Courts in order to play, we want you to know that this club is FOR FUN strictly and is for you to chill!

    We hope to have you as a member!

    Tennis Club Members

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