SPCA Club Logo
  • Who to Contact?

    If you wish to speak with the club, 
    All you have to do is speak with any club member! 
  • Meeting Times!

    We meet on most Wednesdays!
    During the Lunch hour!
    We do NOT meet during 
     Collab. schedules!

  • Where Do We Meet?

    We Meet At Mr. Nase's  Room
    which is located near the library! 
  •  About Us! 

    We at Westmoor's SPCA enjoy bringing a welcoming environment
    for students to enjoy the different opportunities to volunteer!
    Join us and take care of that fluff ball of joy you've always wanted!
    One of our major club goals is to help abused animals in need
    and to provide them with love, care, and respect!
    We support certain animal shelters
    like SF SPCA and Family Dog Rescue!

    Family Dog And SF SPCA Logos

    Club Activities!

    At Westmoor's SPCA club, we hold sign-ups to attending the weekly animal shelter.
    When we arrive, we look forward to bringing love and care that the animals truly deserve!
    Don't worry if you're a cat person, we also visit cat-specific animal shelters too!
    Down below are some images of the animal shelters we visit!

     Westmoor SPCA Club Activities

    Club Statements

     We help abused animals and animals in need! 
     We bring a welcoming environment for students to enjoy volunteering! 


    Club Adviser

     Westmoor's SPCA club's Adviser 
    is Mr. Nase! 

    Mr. Nase