Key Club Logo
  • Contacts

    Samantha Chen  or Tammy Chao
  • Meeting Times

    Every Friday at lunch 
  • Location

    Mr. Arzaga at room 810 
  • Westmoor Key Club

    What we stand for:

    Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. We are sponsored by Kiwanis International and we assist them in carrying out missions to serve children of the world. We perform acts of services within our communities. We also develop leadership skills through running meetings, planning projects, and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.


    President: Samantha Chen & Tammy Chao 
    Vice President: Maral Aibyek 
    Secretary: Tiffany Chen 
    Treasurer: Alex Wong 
    Parliamentarian: Benedict Tedjokusumo 
    Public Relation: Lorna Louie 
    Fundraising: Hein San 
    Community Service: Alyzandra Zuasola & Christine Nguyen 
    Advisers: Mr.Arzaga

    This Year's Activities and Fundraising

    • Christmas Hot Chocolate Mason Jars:  December 23
    • Valentine's Gummy Bear Goodie Bag: February 14
    • IFD#1: October 14
    • IFD#2: January 27
    • IFD#3: April 28
    • Montana Mountain Trail Run!: February 18, 2017
    • Glide Soup Kitchen: February 20, 2017