• Fashion Club

    Club Description

    The Fashion Club is not only a place to discuss and appreciate different types of fashion, but also a place where you can learn how to sew and share your own creations with the club members. Our club aims to create an inviting atmosphere to encourage self-expression and uniqueness in members, as well as provide them with fabric arts and craft skills.

    Board Members (2014-2015)

    • Advisor: Ms. Fishtrom
    • President: Amber Pascual
    • Vice-President: Samantha Villegos
    • Secretary: Kimberly Kyi
    • Event Coordinator: Sarah Mallari
    • Treasurer: Julia Nehmer
    • Parliamentarian: Dominique Garcia

    Club Meetings

    The Fashion club meets every Wednesday during lunch and Mondays after school. The meetings take place at room 204.