• Westmoor's Drumline

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    One Drum. One Sound. Drumline.

    When: After school Monday-Friday                 Where: Bandroom

    Westmoor High School Drumline is a student-run section under Westmoor High School's Music Department. Drumline performs for freshmen orientation and rallies, playing new and retro songs that accommodates to both students and teachers. Music is composed by the students themselves, all compositions are a mixture of old and new music perfectly blended together. We welcome all students to come a join our school's drumline.

    Our goal is to introduce students to a different side of music. We want to instigate Westmoor Pride to all the students through drumming. With that, there are students, either still here or long gone, who are moving towards that goal with our advisor Stephanie Cruz-Stewart

     Current Members  Previous, yet Note-worthy Members
    • Jose Gallentes
    • Jet Aung
    • Anthony Alcalin
    • Albert Santos
    • Romeo Dela Vaga
    • Andy Garcia
    • Jose Diaz
    • Sarah Lim
    • Christie Woo 
    • Josh Cruz (2008-2010)
    • Eric Argamaso(2011-2012)
    • Calvin Htet (2012-2013) 
    • Jonah Arellano(2013-2014) 
    • Marc Escobar(2014-2015)