• Drama Club

    Meeting Times

    Every Thursday during Lunch and occasional rehearsals after school.
  • Drama Club - Location


    Club meetings and rehearsals take place in the Betty Schultz Theatre.
  • Drama Club

    Mission Statement

    To create an environment where students can freely express themselves.

    Group Ohlone

    About the Club

    Drama Club's main purpose is to create a welcoming environment in the Betty Schultz Theatre for everyone who appreciates the art of performing. The members of the club promote diversity and inner confidence. They strive to inspire others to perform as they believe anyone has the potential to do so.

    Members of the club take part in seasonal musicals such as the Fall Musical or Spring Musical. They also partake in an annual competition at Ohlone Community College in Fremont. In this festival, high school students from the Bay Area enter into various performing competition categories such as contemporary dramatic monologues where students will recite a piece from a play of film. This competition gives students an opportunity to win awards, gain performing experience, and bond with their fellow peers. Although, none of these activities are required. Drama club invites all to join!

    Check out the Drama Club YouTube Channel for upcoming performances and trailers here!

    Advisor and Officers

    School Year: 2016 - 2017
    Advisor -Mr. Panagopulous
    President -Michaela Manuguid
    Vice President -Ashley Herico
    Secretary -Gabriel De Leon
    Treasurer -Jamil Pidlaoan
    Parliamentarian -Janelle Calano
    Pub Pair -Jasmine Gonzales & Charisma Lapitan

    School Year: 2013 - 2014
    Advisor -Mr. Panagopulous
    Co-Presidents -Kaite Edralin & Aly Beltran
    Secretary -Jessica Hanley
    Parliamentarian -Adrian Pena
    Historian -Isabelle Barlaan
    Pub Pair -Ariel Buendia & Lauren Gee