• Broadcasting Club

    President: Lauren Gee 
    Vice President: Andrea Santo Domingo 
    Secretary: Rachel Yeung 
    Treasurer: Marc Escobar 
    Parliamentarian: Mary Cybelle Caldeo 
    Film Editor: Mohamed Elguhiem 
    Journalist Editor: Noelle De Ocampo 
    Journalist Editor: Gabrielle Gallentes 
    Web Editor: Monica Le 
    Advisers: Ms. Manzano and Ms. Mcgraw

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    Purpose: To highlight & inform students about current school and world related events through technology. To prepare and encourage students who have a passion for film & broadcast journalism. Students will use modern technology to broadcast the news through video on the school’s website. They will learn to present news in an engaging and professional fashion and to work together as team. Also, we are anticipating that we could substitute the audio announcement at 3th period eventually.

    Time and place: The Broadcasting Club meets every Monday at Lunch in room 403. We meet during school hours to brainstorm, write and produce a daily news program.


    Anyone may join. We encourage everyone and anyone to join who has a passion for filming, public speaking, journalism is interested and wants to learn more about broadcasting. The club will not accept nor deny anyone based on their gender, religion, sexual preferences, physical appearance or political belief. The Broadcasting club is open for all and will strictly adhere to this rule to ensure the safety of members. Participation will be recognized and rewarded.


    Club Integration 
    This club is dedicated to encourage and motivate students to get out of their comfort zone, experiment new hobbies and activities, and to improve the high school experience. Broadcasting videos and highlighting Westmoor's events and clubs will inform students about what goes on at Westmoor and how they can get involved.


    Stay On Track With Us

    • There will be a meeting every Monday at Lunch in Room 403.
    • We will continue to keep working on making videos to upload on YouTube and the school's website.


    Fund-raising Links 
    Previous Fund-raising event had ended recently therefore there will be no Fund-raising event at this moment in Broadcasting CLub.

    Thank you for your interest in our club!

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