Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) When: Every Wednesday (After school)
    Where: Room

    It's time for us to make a stand. Speak up for the silent or keep your word!

    Welcome! The Anti-Bullying Club is a school club hosted here at Westmoor High School dedicated to helping out victims of bullying and giving a voice to those who need one! We are a small group, and were only created last year, yet with your help, we can become a powerful force in the school community. Some may say that bullying doesn't exist in our school, yet if there's one thing that life has told us, it's that evil does exist, and while we may not see it, it is here in our society. People have been greatly harmed, both physically and mentally by their peers, and more often than not, even take their own lives from the pressures of life.…_


    A few of the first individuals who believed 


    Adviser: Ms. Shawn McGraw

     President: Ryan Minn

    I am the president and founder of the Anti-Bullying Club of Westmoor. I have worked in 2 groups against bullying in the past few years, and I have made this group to give me and other people a chance to fight against it.Personally, I have been bullied, seen its effects on my friends, and have witnessed it in my schools, and I believe it is time for it stop. I wish to help others and make a difference, as well as have a great time in my club with my members. It's time for us students to step up and do what's right.