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  • Contact Information:

    For more information about the club contact Mr.Chan at


  • Meeting Times:

    Meetings are held Thursdays during lunch.


  • Location:

    Mr.Chan's room Room 308 (in the T Hallway)


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    buildOn is an international non profit organization that runs youth service after school programs in many high schools in the United States. This organization builds schools in developing countries. This program engages young Americans from mostly urban areas in community service, and promote literacy among children and adults in developing countries. Essentially, we empower and build a better future for America's youth while building schools in some of the world's developing countries. We are a movement building hope and empowering youth to transform their community and the world through volunteering. Click here to learn more about BuildOn.

    What We Do:

    The Westmoor branch of buildOn focuses on enriching the community of Daly City by volunteering. We volunteer to help educate other by tutoring and clean up the neighborhood by doing community service.

    BuildOn Officers:
    Club Advisor Mr.Chan
    President Jun Ku
    Co President Justin Yu
    Vice President Lorraine Li
    Secretary Junn Ng
    Treasurer Felix Lin
    Parliamentarian Alex Chen

    Previous BuildOn Officers(2015-2016):
    Club Advisor Ms.Hannon
    President Jun Ku
    Vice President Justin Yu
    Secretary Junn Ng
    Treasurer Jared Ho
    Parliamentarian Alexander Chen




    buildOn officers selling rose grams for valentine's day.



    Members of buildOn cleaning up Fort Funston.



    buildOn members are planting seeds together.


    Members of buildOn are volunteering in the beach clean up.


    buildOn members volunteering in activities.

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