Westmoor High Artistically Talent Clubs (W.H.A.T.Club)


    Contact Person:  
     Sharlyn Shegoian 


  • Meeting Time:

    Friday Afterschool


  • Westmoor High Artistically Talent Clubs

     The purpose of the Westmoor High Artistically Talented Club is to provide students who are interested in art with club where they can be creative.
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    Any students who holds an interest in art will be provided with the activities of the club which will: Include participation in Westmoor activities such as International Foods Day, Designing and making grams for school special occasions, assisting in artistic endeavors and promoting the visual arts.

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    Club Advisor: Sharlyn Shegoian 
    President: Samantha Hom 
    Vice President: Christine Saw 
    Treasurer: Emily Wong 
    Secretary: Victoria Cheung 
    Gopher: Learnard Bamba