Westmoor High School Chess Club

    It is the mission of the chess club to foster an appreciation for and provide a
    venue to play the game of chess. Come check us out every Thursday
    after school at Room T201 in the Theatre Building!

    Contact the club directly send us an
    e-mail at 8014045@jeffersonunion.net.



    Chess People

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    Chess Club Members 
    Thursdays during Lunch
    Position Name
    <span style=" font-family:=" "="" arial;"="">Christopher Louie



    The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is an organization that governs professional chess competitions throughout the country.
    Check out the United States Chess Federation
    website for more information regarding national chess competitions.



    The House of Staunton (HOS) is a company that
    makes chess pieces, boards, boxes, and overall sets.
    Check out the House of Staunton website for
    information on chess sets.