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    "Eloquent speech is not from ear to ear, but rather from heart to heart"
    - William Jennings Bryan

    bluman Our Mission

    Westmoor High School's Speech and Debate Club was founded in 2012 by Rupinder Bajwa so its members could "yell at each other for a good time". These good times sent the club to several tournaments in 2012 and 2013, its greatest years.

    Today, Belle Zhao keeps the club alive to provide students with a place to exercise their precious right to free speech. Students in the club find that their communication skills have improved, and many think that being in the club greatly boosted their confidence and opened their minds to new ideas.


    Our Debates

    Students in Westmoor High School's Speech and Debate club engage in open-minded, judgement-free conversation on:

    • politics
    • social issues
    • current events
    • and other controversial topics

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    Where To Find Us redman

    Westmoor's Speech and Debate Club holds meetings every Monday after school in Room 401. For any comments or concerns, please contact us at bezhaooo@gmail.com

    Happy debating, Westmoor!