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    Here at Westmoor High School, we offer a wide variety of challenging classes tailored to your child’s every need. On top of that, we offer Advanced Placement classes that will surely prepare you for college. In this page, you will find all the science courses available, including the aforementioned Advanced Placement courses, along with prerequisites for each class.  



    Environmental Science

    Students study the relationships of living things on the planet. Lessons and assignments focus on the importance and functions of natural resources and the ramifications of overusing limited resources.

    Grade level: 9th-12th

    Earth Science


    Forensic Science

    Forensic Science CP

    Students will study all areas of science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. Lessons and assignments will focus on solving crimes using scientific knowledge, experience and critical thinking skills. Standard laboratory equipment and procedures common to forensic and molecular biology laboratories are utilized and emphasized.

    Grade level: 11th - 12th


    Physiology CP

    Course curriculum focuses on the basic facts and concepts of human anatomy and physiology. Lessons and assignments will emphasize the structure and function of the human anatomy including cells, tissue, organ systems, coordinated functions, mechanisms, and body control systems.

    Grade level: 10th - 12th

    Requirements: "C" or higher in Biology or Chemistry




    Biology CP

    Biology is the science of living things. In this course, students will study the latest biological findings and techniques. Laboratory work will employ basic instruments and techniques..

    Grade level: 9th - 12th

    AP Biology

    AP Biology is a college-level course and follows a curriculum designed to prepare students to take and pass the AP examination during the second semester.

    Prerequisites: “B” or higher in Biology, “C” or higher in Chemistry, instructor’s permission.

    Grade Level: 11th-12th


    Chemistry CP

    Fundamental concepts and laboratory techniques are studied.

    Prerequisites: “B” or higher in Math Course 1 and “C” or higher in Biology

    Grade level: 10th-12th

    AP Chemistry

    A college level course preparing students to take and pass the AP examination in May of
    the school year.

    Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation

    Grade level: 11th-12th 




    Physics CP

    This course is an analytical study of the basic physical principles of the universe. Topics covered include mechanics, heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism, quantum and atomic physics, and nuclear physics. Conceptual and mathematical approaches to problem solving are intertwined. Laboratory experiments are integral to the course.

    Grade level: 10th-12th

    AP Physics

    A college level course that prepares students to take and pass the AP exam in May of the school year.

    Grade level: 11th-12th

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