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    English Department

    Westmoor High School's vast English department, overseen by Helen Oglive, includes a variety of courses such as AP English, English Enriched, Film as Literature, English as a Second Language, as well as regular English for all grade levels. Below is a list of Westmoor's english teachers, along with their contact information, and room number. Students are expected to be enrolled in an English course for each of their four years at Westmoor High School. All English courses correlate to the California Language Arts Standards.

    Teachers Contact Information Courses taught by teacher Classroom
    Finnerty, Andrew  kfinnerty@juhsd.net English 10, Film as Literature 109
    Magness, Bryan  bmagne@juhsd.net English 10 Enriched, 11  209
    Manzano, Armanda  amanzano@juhsd.net English 9, ALD 1, Adv. Journalism P13
    Ogilvie, Helen  Hogilv@juhsd.net English 9, English 9 Enrinched 401
    Ratzlaff, Charlotte   cratzlaff@juhsd.net English 9, ELD 1, ELA 1 403
    Truong-Vargas, Joal jvargas@juhsd.net English 11, AP English Language 11, Peer 211 
    Weathers, Jeffry   jweathers@juhsd.net Film as Literature, Theatre 1/2 210
    Brock, Nora  nbrock@juhsd.net AP Lit 12, ERWC P11
    Chen, Richard richard.chen@juhsd.net English 9, AP Lang 11, English 10 202
    Collins, Loraine lcollins@juhsd.net Coordinator/TOSA, ELD 2, ELA 2 105
    Hupp, Andrew ahupp@juhsd.net English 11, English 10 P12
    Morton, Nathaniel nmorton@juhsd.net English 10, AP Language 12, ALD 2 206
    Perez, Miguel mperez@juhsd.net ELA 3, ELD 3, English 10, ELA 3 CP 532
    In loving memory of Rochelle Baba who was a big part of Westmoor High School and the community.

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    English 9: The ninth-grade level class curriculum focuses on the various types of writing, as well as grammar, sentence structure, and proofreading skills. Lessons and assignments are focused on plot, narration, literary elements, vocabulary, word and poetry analysis.

    English 9 Enriched: Tailored and paced for the high level ninth grader, the course prepared students for higher level Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Curriculum focuses on various types of writing, grammar, sentence structure and proofreading skills. Lessons and assignments focus on plot, narration, literary elements, vocabulary, and word analysis.



    English 10: This tenth-grade level class includes formal studies in essay proficiency, grammar, vocabulary development, and word analysis. Literary elements include critical thinking instruction.

    English 10 Enriched: A rigorous and intensive course curriculum focuses on extensive vocabulary and advanced reading material. Several classic and modern novels are read, reviewed, critiqued, and analyzed. The class requires several essays and timed-writes on the topics of the novels in preparation for Advanced Placement English 11.


    English 11: This eleventh-grade level curriculum involves the study of American Literature. Lessons and assignments focus on “The American Dream” as the prevailing topic in literature. Students write formal expository essays, a memoir, poetry, and research papers.


    English 12: In this senior level course students are required to write formal essay in preparation for college level writing and entrance/placement exams. Research papers and speeches are required projects. Public speaking and presentation skills are developed.

    Film as Literature: This course presents film as a distinctive art form with its own history, social relevance and storytelling techniques. Lessons and writing assignments will focus on film genres, film aesthetics, literature analysis, and critical thinking skill development. 


    English As A Second Language:
    ELD Oral: Curriculum focuses on the basic development of English Language oral skills including speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

    ELD Grammar: Curriculum focuses on the basic development of English Language grammar skills including vocabulary, writing, grammar, and reading skills.

    ELLT Support: This course is designed to further develop academic English Language and writing proficiency. This class will have projects that incorporate the writing components of the academic English language; language functions, linguistic elements, language fluency, and linking content vocabulary with grammatical structures. Furthermore, students will learn strategies for success, i.e. setting and writing personal and academic goals, analyzing their learning styles, making an effort to think positively, making an effort to learn, and taking responsibility for their learning.
    Grade Level: 9th-12th
    Requirements: ELD assessments

    AP English:
    AP English Language & Composition: A college level course in the high school setting, curriculum is rigorous, fast-paced and demanding. Lessons and assignments involve close examination of literary terms and elements. Extensive writing is required with a strong emphasis on essay writing including rhetoric and arguments. Preparation leads to the Language & Composition Advanced Placement exam in May of the school year.

    AP English Literature & Composition: A college level course in the high school setting, curriculum is rigorous and fast-paced, as students engage in the intensive study of English concepts. Possessing critical analysis skills, knowledge of literary elements, and exemplary writing skills are essential to success. Lessons and assignments lead to the Literature and Composition Advanced Placement Exam in May of the school year.
    Grade Level: 11th-12th
    Requirements: "A" or "B" in English 10, teacher recommendation and entrance exam.

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